Understanding Umbrella Funds

Hugh Hacking from Old Mutual Corporate discussed the differences between umbrella funds and standalone funds. The thrust of his argument was that one should consider the best use of contributions in deciding which solution to choose for your fund. Please click here to access Hugh’s presentation.


Tactical Asset Allocation

The topic of tactical asset allocation was discussed by speakers from Afena Capital. They did a recap of South African equity from 1925 onwards and examined how short-term risks could be used to deliver better long-term risk-adjusted returns. Andrew Joannou spoke in Durban and Cape Town while Khaya Gobodo spoke in Johannesburg. Please click here to access their presentation.



Structured Products as an Asset Class

Our speakers from Standard Bank – Jo McClure and Sinethemba Mvandaba – examined the topic of structured products as an asset class for retirement funds. They considered the reasons why a pension fund might want to invest in this kind of asset and looked at a range of the kinds of structured products available. Please click here to access their presentation.


Start of Formal Consultation on Professionalisation

The all-important project of professionalising the role of the Principal Officer was examined in a presentation by Nadia Traut from INSETA. Nadia gave a legislative background to the history of registration of occupations in South Africa. She also discussed the focus of new legislation in this arena and explained how the Development Quality Partner and Assessment Quality Partner would play their roles in the process. Please click here to access Nadia’s presentation.