Winter Conference Presentations, June 2012


Plenary, Day 1 - Mega Fund Administration - Future Outlook (Hugh Hacking, Old Mutual Corporate)

Plenary, Day 1 - The King III Code - The Power of Good Governance (Sandra Ainley, Standard Bank)

Streams on Day 1

Case Study - what Principal Officers and Trustees need to know about pension-backed lending (Zsofi Fouche, Sash Consulting (Pty) Ltd - hosted by FNB)

How Retirement Funds benefit from Asset Managers who are UN PRI compliant (Jacob Nordby-Christensen, Sparinvest)

The Beneficiary Funds Landscape since Inception (Lavinia Khangala, Independent PO - hosted by Nedgroup Beneficiary Solutions)

The Great Migration of Capital (Michael Power, Investec)

Instructional Courses on Day 1

Making Retirement Fund Costs Tangible (Facilitated by Daniel Acres, Eldria Fraser & Eleanor Fraser from Prescient & Johan de Waal from Impala Platinum)

Your Investment Policy Statement - A Strategic Approach (Facilitated by Prasheen Singh, RisCura)


Express Plenary, Day 2 - Investing in the new world: incorporating ESG into investment management (Amra Ballic, BlackRock)

Express Plenary, Day 2 - Transition management: a global perspective (John Minderides, State Street)

Express Plenary, Day 2 - Mispricings and the phenomenon of bubbles (Khaya Gobodo, Afena Capital)

Express Plenary, Day 2 - Investment strategy: investing in low-growth environments (Kyle Hulett, Argon Asset Management)

Express Plenary, Day 2 - The impact of volatility on retirement funds: managing it and understanding it (Grant Watson, OMIGSA)