Arrow Setting the scene for Prescribed Assets

Joanna Legutko of Jaques Malan took us through the ins and outs of legislating pension funds investments in Cape Town and Durban. See what she had to say by having a look at her presentation. In Johannesburg, Allan Greenblo of Today's Trustee discussed the implications of prescribed assets for the retirement funds industry. 

 Responses to Prescribed Assets

See how our speakers responded to Prescribed Assets:

  • Presentation by Godfrey Albertyn and Romeo Makhubela of Metropolitan
  • Presentation by Jarred Glansbeek and Prasheen Singh of RisCura.

 Amendments to tax law

PLA President Nancy Andrews gave us a tax update for 2009. Some of the things she talked about were the "clean break" principle on divorce, unclaimed benefits, beneficiary funds and preservation funds. See Nancy's presentation on the tax updates.

 What to do if your computer cannot read the presentations

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