At our August 2010 seminars we looked at the following topics:

 Professionalizing the Principal Officer

Anne-Marie D'Alton took members through the POA's vision for professionalization of the occupation. Click here for her presentation.

 Strengthening the DC Model for the Future

Steve Smit from State Street discussed the implications of the shift to DC and he examined some DC plan structures. His presentation gave our members an opportunity to compare the UK DC environment with the South African one. Click here for Steve's presentation.

State Street also made a copy of their Vision Paper available to us. Please click here for access to the paper.

 Whose Fund is it Anyway?

Andrew Davison from acsis explained the challenges of investing pension fund assets and examined some of the ways in which trustees could be more member-centric. Click here for Andrew's presentation.

 Conflicts of Interest and the new FSB Code

Charles Barwise from Momentum told us more about the Code of Conflict and how it would affect the way in which brokers do business. Helping members gain greater clarity on the application of the Code were FSB representatives, Charene Nortier and Diketso Mashigo. Click here for a copy of the presentation made by Charles.